It is better to strive in one’s own dharma than to succeed in the dharma of another; nothing is ever lost in following one’s own dharma, but competition in another’s dharma breeds fear and insecurity-Bhagavad Gita

The full moon in Aquarius arriving today at 4:20pm EST is the longest total lunar eclipse of this century.

Eclipse season is beautiful opportunity for us to tune into the powerful energy of the sky. Astrology is a map that helps us navigate the energy represented within our world so that we can lead more purposeful, intentional and peaceful lives.

This eclipse will not only be visually breathtaking but also exactly conjuct Mars, which is currently retrograde. During Mars retrograde its important that we think twice before acting because emotions are even more heightened. Karmic events and repeating themes will reinforce which of your strongest desires need more background work before being acted upon.

The dynamic relationship between the sun, moon and mars gives all of us a chance to reflect upon where our assertiveness is taking us and why we are here on earth, this time around.

The sun in Leo heightens our desire to be heard, seen and recognized for our own personal uniqueness. While the full moon in Aquarius intensifies our desire to be of service and shake up the toxic culture that currently dominates our collective psychology.

This eclipse highlights our individual need to answer the question who am I and what am I here to do? What is my sacred path and higher calling?

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna (god) explains to Arjuna that it is better to follow your own path than to listen to the desires of other people.

When we don’t listen to our own inner voice and rely on other people to make our decisions or form our opinions this leads to fear, insecurity and a fundamental lack of faith in ourself and god.

Pain comes from a disconnection to our most pure self and the source that made us.

This eclipse shines a light on our shadow within so that we can see what prevents us from truly living our dharma (sacred way).

In order to return back to our natural state of love we must first remember the sacred being that we are.

Below is a meditation that will help you remember.

1. Set us your sacred space
2. Grab an old picture of yourself from when you were really young.
3. Have a seat and take a few moments to connect to your breath and the space around you.
4. When you’re ready spend a few minutes gazing at the picture and repeating to your younger self I love you. Notice what comes up for you.
5. When you feel ready, place your picture to the side and close your eyes. Spend a few more minutes contemplating and remembering the younger you and the the woman you are now.
6. After you’re done, journal on any reflections that came up for you.
7. Finish with this prayer, mother moon guide me back home to myself. Help me remember who I really am and what my purpose is.

Happy full moon eclipse!