Have you ever been bullied by other women?

Felt unsure of your life’s purpose and insecure in who you are?

Me too…

My name is Dani, and I’m a spiritual teacher.

I guide women on the path to transformation by helping them let go of resentments, heal from painful relationships and embrace who they REALLY are.

I developed this community because I longed to see a tribe of sisters come together who would fully support one another and have each other’s back.

My passion for working with women comes from deep within me and is rooted in my life’s journey. For years I suffered from low self-esteem, toxic relationships and a perpetual feeling of emptiness inside. I know all too well what it’s like to lack confidence, feel disconnected from other women and be fed up with the way my life is going.

Growing up, I was regularly bullied for the way I looked, spoke and acted. Looking back, there was nothing wrong with me and yet I always felt like an outsider. I made poor life decisions and had unhealthy relationships as a result of the abuse I experienced.

I was perpetually searching outside of myself for validation. I learned the hard way that this is a futile search. Nothing changes until you look inward.

Fourteen years ago I had a spiritual awakening and knew that I needed help. My life depended on it. I committed to healing my emotional wounds through therapy, yoga and meditation.

The work of recovery helped me feel confident in who I was, clear on my life’s purpose and connected to those around me.

My spiritual practice evolved over time and I became certified in powerful healing methods such as yoga, meditation, chakra-therapeutics and alchemical astrology.

The impact these techniques had on me was profound and life-changing. I can truly say that I’ve never felt more joy and peace. I have amazing relationships today and a career that I love.

I created the method Core Chakra because it’s my mission in life to help women on the path of internal recovery, and Core Chakra uses all the tools that have worked for me.

Through the practices of self-examination, meditation, energy healing and alchemical astrology this no-nonsense approach to recovery will light the pathway back to your soul.

“Core Chakra is a calling out to women to ignite and honor their own personal feminine power. But first, they need to find that power.

Core Chakra helps women remember their soul and know their true value.

This is the path of lasting wellness for women.”

~Dani Havasy