Happy Monday everyone!

I thought I would write a blog about some of the basic misunderstandings of the chakras. There is so much information out there because these energy centers have been studied for thousands and thousands of years. But, there is some inaccuracy when it comes to basic truths about the chakras. Below are a few misunderstandings and some information to help you become more familiar with the chakras.

Pronunciation- The word chakra is often pronounced shA-kra here in the west. Let’s be honest, it feels WAY more natural coming out of your mouth that way. At least it did for me! I literally had to train myself to pronounce it accurately. Which actually sounds like cha-kra (the ch is is vocalized like the word change, chart or CHA-CHING).

Colors- OK, we’ve all seen the colors associated with each one of the chakras. Red for root, orange for sacral, yellow for solar plexus, green for heart, blue for throat, purple for third eye and white for crown. These colors are lovely and give us a beautiful visual reference to remember these energy centers, but they have nothing to do with actually healing them. Let me explain why. Color is completely based on perception. Color is not a universal truth because there are many people who are color blind or have a loss of vision. Does that mean they can’t heal their chakras because they’re unable to visualize these colors? NO, of course not. Seeing is just one of the basic ways we know an object is real. We can’t see our chakras, but we can feel them. We can’t feel color!

Lets break this down scientifically. Photons are the packets of energy that carry light to your brain, which processes sunlight. When the brain processes sunlight it bounces off an object and makes it visible. However, photons are invisible and there is no light in the brain. So again, color is just a perception that we created. Albeit, a magnificent perception! While many of us see colors the same way, some people see colors very differently. Just ask my husband, who is completely color blind. We can’t accurately claim that red is the color of the root chakra. Where is the proof?

Movement-Energy has no rules. NONE. The chakras are energy centers. Dense areas in our body where energy exists. Those energy centers don’t say “In order to heal me you must do camel pose”. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Every person reacts differently to a chakra deficiency. Two people may both have an imbalanced heart chakra, but how they got that imbalance will most likely vary based on their life experiences. How each body functions with a chakra imbalance will alternate based on the individual. Lets take the heart chakra for example. One person may have a tight upper back/chest and someone else may have asthma (these symptoms are examples of the body reacting to a heart chakra imbalance).

What does this have to do with movement? Movement is a powerful, but limited tool to heal the chakras. It is one of MANY ways to heal them. Some people can’t physically do certain movement exercises or yoga poses. That doesn’t mean they can’t heal their chakras. Before we bind ourselves to one way of doing something, lets explore other options.

There’s still so much to learn about these fascinating energy centers. Chakras are extremely powerful and are part of each one of our little universes known as the body. The basic truth of energy is that it can be felt and has no rules. All we can do is feel the signals given to us by these energy centers and listen to what these signals tell us will help them. The tools that are offered to help you heal the chakras are various. Some tools may work and some may not. Don’t get stuck in an idea that just because one practice does not work for you, there must be something wrong with what you’re doing. Try a different approach and see how that helps. Energy is unlimited and we are made of energy. Let go of the limitations of your mind and free yourself of any chakra imbalances.

Love and blessings,