What is consciousness and how does it relate to the chakras?

Vedic philosophy, eastern mystics and ancient civilizations have been pondering this question for ages, and if you’re in the field of healing you will at some point become fascinated by this topic. For the last few months I’ve spent late nights researching how our chakras affect our ability to be happy, present and aware. What I’ve come to know is that to be fully conscious (aware) we need to first understand that energy (chakras) and consciousness are the same thing.

Matter at its tiniest, most observable form is energy. We are made of matter (that’s been proven), so its safe to say we are also made of energy. To understand how energy and consciousness play a role in our day to day life let’s turn to the teachings of the chakras.

Our culture exists only in the first three chakras. We’re limited right now. Our most primal instinct as humans is survival and we’re all animals. Our civilization has not been able to collectively access our final four chakras because we are completely disconnected from ourselves and each other. What are the first three chakras? Root, sacral and solar plexus. Survival, sex and power! Unfortunately, because these energy centers are so abused enlightenment, peace and consciousness is a world we have not yet experienced.

How do we become collectively conscious? We access our final four chakras!

To do that we MUST stop fighting our animal instincts and become more connected to our senses. We move, feel and respond to energy through our senses. Once we unite our senses, we will be able to fully access our energies (chakras) potential.

Everything we sense in the world outside of our bodies AND everything we sense inside our bodies comes into our brain by way of the sensory nerves. Consciousness (awareness) is a form of learned memory and memory is experienced through our senses. Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste are our most basic senses. We have many more, but if we start here then we will expand over time.

Each chakra is correlated to a difference sense. Root chakra is smell because it’s primal and it ignites our appetite. Sacral  chakra is taste because everything sensual is governed by that. Solar plexus is sight because its where your ability to view, connect and take action with the outside world exists. Heart chakra is touch because this sense helps you connect and deepen your relationship with others. Throat chakra is hearing because thats one way we communicate. Third eye is inner sight (intuition) and crown chakra is unity, sense of empathy.

Perception is filtered through our senses. Our ability to be happy is based on our perception of people, places and things. Our perception is then cataloged into our memory, which creates our ego and skews the truth. Whatever we perceive, we believe. Whatever we believe is ultimately our experience. The good news is that we can change our beliefs and shift our perspective by turning our attention in another direction.

How do we do that? By feeling more and thinking less. Its simple, but not easy. Connect to your senses and soften your ego.

Swami Vivekananda once said “All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.” The answers to all of our questions lie within us. By healing our internal energy (chakras), we become more aware.

This is the first step needed to creating peace and happiness in our collective consciousness.