Good morning yogis!

If you’re going to a yoga class today/this week or sometime this year, this blogs for you!

Most of the time we decide which yoga class we’re gonna take based on our schedule or the teacher instructing. But, you should also pay attention to one more very important factor…do you need a more feminine or masculine practice that day?

What does that even mean? You’re probably thinking that sounds kinda hippy dippy (cue eye roll). I get it! Let me explain.

Inside each one of us are masculine and feminine energies. The yin and yang of life is present in everything, including our little bodies. Masculine energy is felt when we are extremely proactive, ambitious, always planning, driven and competitive. Feminine energy is present when we’re able to go with the flow, embrace our feelings, slow down, be creative and indulge in our senses. Masculine is the sun, feminine is the moon. Masculine energy is on the right side of your body (pingala), feminine energy is on your left side (ida). You can’t have one without the other, because when one energy is more domininant, shit gets cray!

When we pay attention to these two energies we’re able to customize our yoga practice based on our needs, not our wants. The solution to many of our problems is not in what we want to do, but what we need to do.

How do we pay attention to what energy is most present in our life at this moment? Ask yourself. It’s that easy! Are you giving yourself enough me time? Or, are you constantly on a schedule and rushing around? Do you find time to create, play and engage in your senses? Or is work, exercise and always having a plan your top priority? Are you unmotivated? Or can you take action? One type of energy is not better that the other. We need our masculine and feminine side to be equally powerful!

Ultimately, you want to have a balance of both. If one is more active than the other, you will feel the affects of that imbalance. Once you realize whether or not your masculine or feminine side is more dominant, you can start to customize a yoga practice that will better suit your spiritual desires.

Below are a few yoga practices that are predominantly either masculine or feminine. Remember that in everything, both energies reside. But, some practices are more conducive to facilitating our masculine or feminine energy.

Feminine yoga practices-receiving energy

  1. Meditation
  2. Dance
  3. journaling
  4. creating (writing, cooking, art etc.)
  5. restorative
  6. sitali (cooling) breath
  7. forward bends, hip openers
  8. ritual

Masculine yoga practices-giving energy

  1. Bikram
  2. Hot vinyasa
  3. power vinyasa
  4. arm balances, core work, standing poses, back bending
  5. ujjayi breathing
  6. lions breath
  7. kapalbhati breathing
  8. hiking

Balancing pranayama for both energies-alternate nostril breathing.

I hope this blog clarified the importance of customizing a yoga practice based on your energetic needs. If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you.

Love and blessing,