“We are born of love, love is our mother” Rumi

The new moon in Cancer solar eclipse arrives Thursday, July 12th at 10:48 pm EST and ushers us into the first of three potent eclipses this season.

Eclipses foreshadow events that will happen over the next few months.

New moons represent new beginnings. This new moon solar eclipse is in the Sun sign of Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. The archetype of Cancer is the great mother and the archetype of Capricorn is the great father.

Astrology tracks the changes of planets and shows us the type of energy we’re all currently working with.

This eclipse will bring up themes around the mother and father wound, emotions vs. reality and comfort versus responsibility.

This season and for the next few months we’re dealing with global issues around familial and ancestral wounds.

The new moon in Cancer open’s up a doorway to the energy of MA (the divine feminine, mother of all, Gaia, God) that we so desperately need. We have a chance to enter this portal and begin to heal the wounds of our inner child so that we can make amends to those we have unconsciously harmed.

Centuries of systemic abuse have contributed to the breakdown of humanity. Pluto, the planet that represents death, birth and transformation is inviting us to do some deep work around the way we were brought up, the prejudices we were taught and the wounds that we’ve incurred so that we don’t pass our pain on to the next generation.

Painful stories of racism, family separation, school shootings, suicide and the global oppression of women have finally started to surface. The wound was always there we just didn’t see it. Pluto in Capricorn and the new moon in Cancer give us the opportunity to stand up for our deepest values.

Past familial relationships have imprinted onto our psyche and this new moon eclipse provides an energy that will allow us to do work around some of our deepest memories from child hood.

With the sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn we’re able to transform (Pluto) both physically (sun) and emotionally (moon) if we choose to do our shadow (inner) work.

Here is a yoga ritual to honor the new moon and put into practice the loving energy of the divine feminine mother-

It’s bubble time!

1. Light a few candles to bring in the element of fire (transformation, Pluto).
2. Run a bath.
3. Place essential oils in the bath. I use lavender from young living, but you can pick whatever oil is calling you.
4. Use sage or Palo-Santo to clear all the energy in your bathroom. You can also use incense.
5. Soak and honor every curve of your body. Where you normally would criticize yourself, say, “I love you”.
6. Place your hand on your womb, close your eyes and silently or out loud repeat the mantra MA. Do this for at least five minutes.
7. Let the mantra go and enjoy the rest of your soak.
8. When you finish bathing put out your candles and smudging tools.
9. Take child’s pose and bring your third eye chakra (space between eyebrows) down to the ground and rest for at least a minute.
10. Finish the ritual with this prayer “mother moon cleanse my body in your purifying light, center my mind, strengthen my intuition and open my heart so that I can serve this world and live my truth.

Happy new moon!