“My words are the expression of the spirit within me”-Dani Havasy

The new moon in Gemini has arrived.

Gemini is the traveling messenger whose ruling planet is Mercury “the messenger god.”

Gemini is known for their ability to communicate, teach and create.

Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) is currently in the sign of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the moon, which makes this new moon a really wonderful time to move into a deeper, gentler understanding of yourself and others. It’s also a great time to use technology and speech in a more intuitive way.

Mercury is related to the mind and the moon is connected to our unconscious, emotional nature. This makes this new moon an excellent marriage between our mind and spirit.

Emotional intelligence is a really important theme for this new moon. We can become more intelligent, empathic and intuitive in the month ahead if we connect to the high side qualities of both Gemini and Cancer.

Rituals are a wonderful way to honor and understand the energies of each astrological sign.

Below are three rituals you can do that will help you connect to Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini.

You will need:
Smudging tools (palo santo or sage)
Your favorite piece of spiritual literature

1. Start by smudging yourself and your surrounding area three times.
2. Set your space up for the ritual. Light a candle and if you want place your favorite crystal, god or goddess statue nearby.
3. Take a screenshot of the pic below (highlighted under the word Gemini) and whatever comes up will be the tool you use during your ritual.

1. Set your timer for five minutes.
2. Come into a comfortable seated position and close your eyes.
3. Connect to your breath.
4. Begin to chant the mantra HAM out loud (pronounced H-UM)
5. After the five minutes is up let the mantra go and spend a few moments in quiet contemplation. Notice what comes up for you.

Journaling-spend a few minutes journaling on these questions
1. What is the story that you keep telling yourself?
2. Are you wasting time on social media and is it affecting your mental health? How can you create positive change within the world using social media and technology?
3. Are you comfortable sharing your truth with others? If not, how can you better communicate in a more open and loving way to better serve humanity?

1. Gather your favorite piece of spiritual literature and randomly open up to a page.
2. Read thoroughly and notice what comes up for you.
3. Spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation digesting what you just learned.

After you complete your ritual honor the god of Mercury by repeating this prayer out loud “Mercury, please give me the strength to speak my truth out loud in a loving way.”

Make sure to seal your practice by snuffing your candle and clearing your ritual space.

Happy new moon!