chakra science

Hello my loves!

God, it’s been forever! I’ve really missed connecting with you. I promise I didn’t disappear, I’ve just been hard at work cultivating my brand and the message I want to share with you going forward.

Obviously the chakras are my passion. But, over the last few years science has also become a great love of mine because energy, science and spirit are all related. In fact, they are one. The relationship between science and spirituality has been contemplated and discussed for centuries. Over the last twenty years a groundbreaking new science called Epigenetics has become more public.

Epigenetics is the proven study of how life experiences can affect your DNA. That’s right, your DNA can be changed by your life experiences, both good and bad. This means that if your DNA is transformed based on a negative experience you had growing up, it will get passed on to your offspring.

Each one of us directly impacts every person we interact with and future generations as well.

So what does this have to do with chakras? The chakras are living energy centers that hold onto the experiences we have like memory cards. Each chakra directly correlates to a physical part of our body that is home to organs, cells, glands etc.

Its all connected! and that’s what I aim to show you going forward.

Look for more regular blogs, brand new offerings and possibly an online course (shhh) coming out next year.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to share with you.

All my love,