Hi guys!

Lets break down the elements of the chakras in today’s blog post.

The chakras are so fascinating because they are the storage centers of everything that make up our universe. We know that chakras are made of energy, but did you also know that each major chakra has a corresponding element?

Our bodies are a planet of their own. Inside each one of us are little worlds that make up the person you see, feel, hear and touch. The five major elements are a part of that world. Earth, water, fire, air and space. We’ve got them all, and when one of these elements is imbalanced our emotional, physical and spiritual life feel completely disconnected.

So what is an element anyway?

An element is just a substance that makes up matter. Matter is everything around us. We are matter! Lets take a look at each one of the five major elements located in our bodies and how they relate to the chakras.

Earth- Earth is the heaviest of the elements. Our root chakra correlates to this element because it has everything to do with our basic, primal needs. The denser an element, the more primal. The earth element forms our body (bones, flesh, skin). Our body is perishable, but the part of us made of atoms (our spirit) is eternal.

Water-water is cool, fluid and calm. Our sacral chakra correlates to this element because the physical location of this chakra (the pelvis) secretes water regularly through semen, urine and blood. This element transfers emotions (think organisms and childbirth) and is eternal in its atomic structure, but mortal in the form of a body of water. We also secrete blood and sweat through other areas of our body, but the primary home of this element is in the sacral chakra.

Fire-fire is related to passion, hunger and heat! Our solar plexus chakra relates to this element because it is all about taking action, AND its also the center of our digestive system! In order to take action in our life we must build enough emotional and physical heat to sustain our energy. We build heat through food, movement and breath. This element is expansive and flows upward.

Air-air is light and linked with movement and action. The corresponding chakra is the heart. Our lungs are the cage of our heart and control our breathing. There is air that is true and eternal, but the air we breathe is perishable. When we suffer from physical or emotional heart problems, our breathing is deeply affected. The force  of this element is motion and travels in many different angles.

Ether (space)-ether is the carrier of sound and space. It’s always eternal and can’t be quantified. The “chakras” corresponding to this element are the throat, third eye and crown. The throat chakra is the carrier of sound. The third eye and crown chakra are the home of our conscious/unconscious mind and connection to spirit. These parts of our body are more subtle, just like ether.

Understanding the importance of how the elements affect us will help the healing process. We can easily work with elements because they are located all around us. The more we connect to the universe, the more connected to our true spirit we become. You hear people say all the time “we are one”. It can sound really trite to be honest, but its completely true. Each one of us contains the five elements within our own body, yet we abuse our bodies just like we have abused the earth. We don’t realize the truth that every element is inside of us and we are a part of the universe. Until we truly understand and accept this scientific fact, we will not be able to properly heal our physical, emotional and spiritual wounds. The only separation that actually exists is the one we created in our minds.

Love and blessings,