The Yoga of Astrology

The Yoga Of Astrology-Summer series

In chapter nine, verse 6 of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says to Arjuna “As the mighty wind, going everywhere, dwells eternally in space, so all beings dwell in me. Consider this!”

In this chapter Krishna, an avatar of god, is explaining to the warrior Arjuna that only s/he (God) is real and that the entire material existence we live in comes from him.

Krishna then goes on to say “The extent of the sky is the extent of the wind within it. When the wind moves, it appears to be different from the sky; yet in reality they are the same.”

I love these verses so much because they perfectly describe why yoga and astrology are such a powerful union when practiced together.

Astrology at its core helps us to understand the nature of our mind so that we can go through the destiny of our life with relative calm and ease. This method of divination provides a mystical map that helps us find our way back home to god. Astrology shows us the playing field we’re born into and the energies we will have to navigate throughout our lifetime.

Just like in the Bhagavad Gita we’re each born with a field of karma. We were all given a body, a family history, life experiences, strengths, limitations and karma to work with in this incarnation.

The reason we were all born into these bodies is because our souls desired to live in an autonomous state. WE chose to come here to learn a specific lesson and god created this virtual reality situation so that we could experience separation.

We’re constantly in a state of forgetting this truth and that’s why humanity suffers so much. The way to remember is through service and loving devotion to god (bhakti).

We are here on earth because as eternal spiritual souls we all have free will.

Astrology is a way for the sky to speak to the soul about its temporary situation.

Although the zodiac is a brilliant language that can provide tremendous insight, we have to be really careful not to over-identify ourselves by our natal chart or the transitions that are occurring constantly within the planets. This is something I’ve personally experienced and have seen so many students of astrology do.

Attaching ourselves to what sign we are or what current planetary transition is about to occur is just another way we can become lost in this material reality.

Our world contains so many difficulties that can easily distract us from our own divinity.

The moment we wake up is the moment we need to put on our spiritual armor. This is way easier said than done, especially because every time we turn on the news or log into social media we’re faced with every shade of hate and narcissim.

After a while our soul gets lost in the clusterfuck of our daily lives and forgets the truth, which is that we are all apart of god.

Astrology will point you in the right direction and yoga will help you find your way back home.

I’m convinced that these two spiritual methods were meant to work together. The best way to use astrology and yoga in conjunction is to study all aspects of your natal chart.

What planets affect you the most? Are you exhibiting the high or low side qualities of the signs that dominate your life? What area of your life do you struggle with (houses) and what is your karma and dharma in this lifetime (nodes and midheaven)?

Gather this information and then use the tools of yoga (meditation, asana, ritual, chanting, self-inquiry, energy healing, pranayama etc.) to help you practice detachment (vairagya) and intensity (abhyasa) in your pursuit of remembering who you really are and where you came from.

To know your soul is to know god because we all came from this perfect, loving energy.