What is conscious living?

I was doing a podcast interview yesterday with my friend and she asked me that question. I think this is a really important concept to unpack because the wellness industry has grown so much in the last few years. All over social media we hashtag words such as #yoga #health #wellness #spiritjunkie and many other symbols of happiness. The meaning behind these words can get lost in translation the more consumed we become by our social media following.

What do these words mean to you and are you consciously living?

Conscious means aware, completely awake to the world around you. You’re aware of the nature of your relationships and how they affect you and you’re tuned into the messages from your body, which is the vehicle of your spirit. Living means taking action and not running away from the world through drugs, alcohol, anger, food, sex or so many other coping mechanisms.

Conscious living means being ACTIVELY AWARE. You have all the knowledge at your fingertips, you know how to improve your life and now you need to do something about it. Does that mean once you decide to take action everything will be perfect and you won’t have any problems? Hell NO! The process of awakening is a practice that can be very painful and long at times, but its worth the ups and downs.  Once you make the decision to live a conscious lifestyle you will become more ALIVE and in line with the world around you. What was once a world you were a victim of, now becomes a planet that you fiercely participate in. You recognize and express your personal power!

I’ve been on this path for almost a decade now and I wanted to bring up this topic because its so easy to get trapped in judgement when you are trying to live your most magnificent life (I do this to myself very often). As human beings we have egos and a very mercurial mind. We think because we’re not perfect and make mistakes, we must be doing something wrong. NOT TRUE! Life is a process and there will always be steps forward and set backs. No one gets away from this. Learning to accept these unpredictable challenges (even when we cause them) will free you from binding yourself to the stain of good or bad.

How do you live a conscious lifestyle? Here are just a few tips:

  1. ASK yourself -why you feel the way you feel about any relationships that are hurting you. Get it on paper and get to the root cause of the pain.
  2. BE selective-with the food you eat, the people you spend time with and the activities you choose to engage in. Time is precious and all of these components play a huge role in your happiness. Choose wisely!
  3. DO your shadow work- journal, meditate, pray, create a personal ritual that will help you have a dialogue with your unconscious (the hidden, but real you)
  4. REMAIN fearless- What sets your heart on fire? What are your dreams? Research how to get there, fulfill your aspirations and ignore any naysayers. Most people mean well, but project there own life experience onto you.
  5. ACCEPT yourself for who you are. Change whats not serving you and work on letting go of your perceived inadequacies (this can be a long process).

Accepting our humanity is part of being conscious (aware). Recognizing that we are all imperfect and life is not what our social media handle looks like will free us from the jail of our ego. A conscious lifestyle is living in alignment with your truth, no matter how painful it is to get there.

Love and blessings,